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Land space: Area: Price: By the shore:
218 sq m private house 21 km from Liepāja with 4.2 ha of land in Bārta p...Bārtas pagasts24.20 Ha218 m2189000 €
225 sq.m. private house with 1.3 ha of land in Nice parish, Dienvidkurze...Nīca21.30 Ha225 m2290000 €
Renovated country house with 3 ponds and 4.88 ha territory in Priekule p...Priekules pagasts14.88 Ha86 m2170000 €
Country house in Apriķi, Lažas parish, South Kurzeme district, 53 km fro...Apriķi12.00 Ha107 m212000 €
198 sq.m. new construction of a private house in the center at Baznīcas ...Baznīcas 3021171 m2198 m2175000 €
Exclusive private house 150m from the sea in Bernati, Nica parish, Nica ...Bernāti20.63 Ha495 m2799000 €
256 sqm new building 600m from the sea in Jūrmalciems, Nīca parish, Sout...Jūrmalciems20.35 Ha256 m2130000 €